Sue Meredith / Registered. Reflexologist / Practice Number 108 000 0266213

79 Libertas Avenue /  Table View /  Cape Town

Cell :  072 209 6332

My name is Sue Meredith, a registered Therapeutic Reflexologist, ( The Allied Health Professions Council of SA A10398).

Board of Healthcare Funders of South Africa Practice Number 1080000266213 ). 

I am passionately dedicated to helping people achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through reflexology.

I provide guidance on how to make healthy choices, while highlighting the physical and emotional benefits of doing so, and as such you are guaranteed a high skilled  treatment. Furthermore  many Medical Aid Scheme may then reimburse you.

Every patient is different and needs special and individual care and attention which you may feel from the very moment you enter my clinic starting  with a comprehensive case history, and understanding of your problems. Followed up by in depth analysis, list of treatment objectives and related  treatment planning.


I will accordingly monitor all very carefully during your whole treatment period , where you always are welcome to be in contact with me either via mail or Whatsapp.

Profile of Sue Meredith

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