Sue Meredith / Registered. Reflexologist / Practice Number 108 000 0266213

79 Libertas Avenue /  Table View /  Cape Town

Cell :  072 209 6332

The Vacuflex system combines a vacuum boot therapy, together with a vacuum cup treatment, of the acupuncture meridians.  This dynamic treatment gives you the combined benefit of a full reflexology treatment, plus the stimulation of all the major meridians on one half-hour session.  The client feels a pleasurable firm pressure constructed over the feet, ankles, and calves.  The specially constructed felt boots apply a gradual and carefully controlled pressure, which is monitored on the gauge.

The Vacuflex treatment is sometimes preferred by a client to a hand reflexology treatment, some clients may find it less painful if they have very sensitive feet.  It is recommended, sometimes, to dealing with specific disorders – the results seems to be faster.

The Vacuflex System

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