Sue Meredith / Registered. Reflexologist / Practice Number 108 000 0266213

79 Libertas Avenue /  Table View /  Cape Town

Cell :  072 209 6332

Since stress and disease are ongoing facts of life for most of us, reflexology can also serve as a preventative program.  The reflexologist applies pressure techniques to sensors in the feet.  These techniques serve to relax the pressure sensors in the feet to interrupt the stress patterns between various body parts (reflex stress) and to trigger a relaxation response throughout the body (body stress).  Reflex areas reflect the overall dynamic state of tensions that exists between all body parts.  Observable signs such as puffiness or callouses indicates that stress has occurred and the body is adapting to it.  Whenever stress is found on a foot, it is a sign that its effects have begun to accumulate in the corresponding parts of the body.  The reflexologist observes the cues of stress and applies pressure techniques to relax the indicated stress.

Why do people use Reflexology?

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